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Computer Services


Flat-Rate Service and Repair

Computer on the blink?
Need someone to help you get you over the rough spots? Hire our service technician at one flat-rate labor price and save 50% on service or repair of additional computers during the same visit.

There are no hourly charges for this package, even if we have to come out a second time to finish the requested service. (Required parts and software additional.)

Flat-rate service and repair examples:

  • We specialize in on-site assistance, troubleshooting, service, and repairs.
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot problems; recommend hardware repairs or software adjustments.
  • Provide guidance for the purchase of required hardware or software.
  • Reboot the technology and make sure it's running smoothly again.
  • Let us know what you want when you call us.

Need warranty repair?
No matter where you purchased your computer we can help. We offer fast warranty service on popular brands of Microsoft Windows® desktop and notebook computers ($50 trip charge applies).

Only $135 - Contact us to schedule

PC Upgrade

Get your current computer up to speed!
Our service technicians will install any two upgrade products and make sure they are properly configured for maximum performance. You will save time having to disconnect your computer, find the right tools, or fumble with connectors or small parts inside your PC.

Performance upgrade installation details:
Our service technician will install and upgrade of any items from the following list into a functional Windows compatible desktop PC, regardless of where you bought it.

  • Hard drive
  • Video or audio card
  • Network card or adaptor
  • Media drive (DVD-R/CD-R or media reader)
  • RAM (Memory)
  • New processor (may require OS reload, not included)
  • Modem or USB card or I/O device

Only $100 - Contact us to schedule

Desktop/Laptop PC Setup & Connection

We will save you time by un-boxing and setting up your system & make sure that you are starting out right. Save time having to dig under a desk and spend time updating and registering your new software. Even notebooks take time, and you want the speed and access to make your new computer optimized.

This service includes getting your email setup so you can send and receive messages and keep track of your contacts. Plus we will connect your additional devices like: Printers, scanners, digital cameras or music devices and 2 software applications (like security or productivity software).

It's faster and more complete than if you did it yourself.

It's an affordable way to get a student or relative away from home connected on the Internet and set up with email and IM capability.

We can help you overcome your concerns about connecting to your broadband.

Only $130 for Basic Setup Only - Contact us to schedule
Only $180 with up to 2GB Data Transfer- Contact us to schedule

Virus Removal

Make your computer healthy again!
Are you experiencing software problems? Data loss? Corrupt files? Your computer may be infected with a virus or worm and you could pass it on to family, friends and business associates.

Virus removal service details:

  • Troubleshoot the system to establish type of computer infection.
  • Use industry-standard methods for removing the infection.
  • Reboot the computer and restore information, if possible.
  • Re-install computer operating system, if necessary.
  • Recommend security software to prevent future infections.
  • If security software available, install and set for automatic updates.

Only $180 - Contact us to schedule

Wireless Network Setup

Our technicians will install your wireless network and help make sure that you have increased security on the Internet from intruders who could steal your private information or share your connection.

Our installation is great for first time network users. We will install one or two software applications (like security programs or office programs), set up your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and set up file sharing so you and your family can share music, pictures and data. We can make your network connections more productive for your home or your office

Unlike 60% of today's wireless users - you can be sure your connection has the security to protect you from intruders who can access private information. Make sure your Internet connection stays "fast"- don't share it with unauthorized users and neighbors.

Only $130 - Contact us to schedule

Hourly Assistance

Need lots of service?
Receive an hourly visit from a PC technician. We bring our expertise; you choose the computer and peripheral services you want serviced.

Some things you might request during the visit:

  • Office tune up and maintenance services.
  • Technology assessment and Security audit.
  • Hardware diagnosis and software troubleshooting.
  • Repair services.
  • Set up and configure wireless network.
  • Update and clean-up service for drivers and software.
  • Upgrade and update computer hardware.
  • File management and back ups.
  • Data transfers
  • Mirrored hard drive set up and configuration.
  • Software
  • PC purchases
  • Additional services as needed, just let us know in advance to see if it applies

Only $90/hour (2 hour minimum) - Contact us to schedule
Discounts apply for more than 4 hours

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